Laiyla2Cat Sitting Services

As a cat owner,  you will know that cats tend to prefer to stay in their own familiar surroundings as new places can be daunting and cause anxiety.  Our cat sitting visits can be a welcome alternative to catteries.  Our visits include the essential care needed to keep your kitty happy and stress-free in their own home. We will give fresh food and water, ensure the litter tray is clean, administer any required medications, brush your cat’s coat if desired and of course there will be plenty of affection and play time!  You can opt for one or two visits per day, typically a morning and/or evening visit though we can fit in with your cat’s needs.

Dog Walking & Sitting GeorgiServices

All dog services include feeding and watering, administering medication, playtime/walking, cleaning up any little accidents and basic grooming where required.  We offer both private and group walks depending on your dog’s love of other four legged friends!  Special care will be taken to ensure group walks are safe for all the dogs participating and that all vaccinations are up to date (C5 vaccination required).  The dogs will be friendly with one another and safety is of paramount importance at all times.  Please note that group walks will be subject to availability because of location, the time requested and the compatibility of dogs.

Paws & Claws will only exercise your dog(s) off-lead with your permission and the ‘Off-lead disclaimer’ must be agreed to and signed.  Initially we like to build up a relationship with the dog prior to letting them off-lead, it enables us to gain their trust and assess their recall skills.

Maybe your dog is injured or too old for long walks in the park.  Paws & Claws can visit your dog in the comfort of their own home and give them some much needed company and fuss whilst you are at work.  We are also available for house sitting for the duration of your holiday so your furry friend has much needed care around the clock.

Puppy and Kitten Sitting

We know how concerning it can be leaving young pets alone for the first few weeks in their new home.  Due to work commitments or personal circumstances you may need someone to spend some time with your fur baby, for your reassurance and for their comfort.  We will stay for a minimum of one hour and will ensure litter tray(s) are clean, any accidents cleaned up, food and water is replenished as required, playtime and lots of cuddles.  We will also discuss basic training for your puppy to help reinforce desired behaviour.  Any other requirements can be discussed at the consultation and the duration of our stay is up to you!

Small Animal Services20130822_184729

We are happy to board small animals at our home, such as rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds.  Alternatively we can visit these animals in your home. This can be a pop-in visit to replenish the essentials; food, water, hay, any medications. Or we can stay longer to spend time with your pets and clean out any hutches, cages or fish tanks.

Pet Taxi Service

We are happy to deliver and pick up your pets to ensure they attend all their important diary appointments!

Our van is customised specifically for the transportation of animals and is air conditioned so your pet will have a comfortable journey, especially on those hotter days.

Paws & Claws is also covered fully by Care & Custody insurance which is required for the transportation of pets.

    • Trips to veterinary clinics and hospitals
    • Journeys to grooming appointments
    • Pick up/drop offs for doggy day care or boarding facilities
    • Transport to the airport
    • Lifts to obedience training sessions
    • Dog show lifts
    • Quarantine pick-upsweb photo 9

‘Peace of mind’ Updates

For your peace of mind Paws & Claws can keep in touch with you in a variety of ways whilst you are away.  Whether it be after each visit, or a couple of times a week we will contact you as required.  Naturally, you may be anxious leaving your furry friend in someone else’s care and it’s important that you know your pet is happy and healthy! This service is included and reassuring updates can be delivered to you via text, email, Facebook and Instagram.  Just make sure you link up to our social media pages and see pictures of your furry ones daily!

Light domestic duties

Whilst visiting your home, I am happy to carry out basic duties such as watering house plants, opening/closing blinds and curtains, turning lights on and off, retrieving mail and taking out the bins at no extra charge.  It is important to create that ‘at home’ appearance and your home security is taken very seriously.  We are fully insured and police checked.

Wedding Belles!

For couples insisting that their pets make the guest list…

Some pet lovers choose to have Felix or Fido at their wedding ceremony, photographs or reception.  It’s a special time which creates so many wonderful memories, so why not include your furry loved ones?

At Paws & Claws, we are pleased to offer a pet wedding attendant service, ensuring peace of mind for the bride & groom and an enjoyable experience for your fur baby.

Our services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • A walk (if a dog) to ensure a calm demeanour during the ceremony and there are no extra ‘presents’ at the wedding.
  • Transportation to any grooming appointments (or wash your pet at your home for you) so they are fresh for the occasion.
  • Dressing your pet in their finery so they look the part.  Photos will be taken of your fur baby looking smart.
  • Transportation to the venue in an air conditioned van.
  • Supervision and accompaniment at all times (ensuring safety & wellbeing, toilet breaks, food and water as required, any pet waste cleared away).
  • Help your pet carry out their wedding duties.
  • Transportation back home from the venue when instructed.

For more information on our wedding services, please call or email and we will be happy to help.

Prices are customised depending on requirements.