My Story

Hi, my name is Fiona and I am the owner of Paws & Claws.

I set up Paws & Claws here in Melbourne after moving here from the UK, where I also ran my own pet sitting business.  I have always had a passion for animals and consider it an absolute joy to work with them.  I’ve had many years experience dealing with animals and a few years ago our family socialised ‘Hearing Dogs for the Deaf’.  This is a UK charity which helped hard of hearing people live their lives independently with the help of a furry friend.wp-login

We had 15 dogs live with us over the years (some stayed for up to a year) and it never got any easier to say goodbye to them.  They were always part of the family although it was rewarding knowing that they may one day go on to change someone’s life.

Pet sitting is a dream job for me and I get such satisfaction from looking after all my client’s animals and making sure they are happy, safe and looked after.  They are all treated as if they were my own.

My feline fur baby is called Laiyla and she is a British Short Haired X Exotic.  Laiyla made the 10,000 mile journey from the UK with us and has settled well into her new life by the sea.

Before I was able to work here in Australia I volunteered at a local animal shelter (AAPS Keyesborough) which was so rewarding and a great experience.  Despite feeling a lot of sadness for all the homeless animals (and wanting to take them all home with me!), the success stories when animals found their forever homes made it a positive experience.  I realised that someone has to help these little souls start over again so best to be a part of it than turn a blind eye for fear of feeling sad.

I miss all my furry customers back in the UK but am really enjoying meeting all the new ones here in Australia!

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