Dog Walking

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Pooch Patrol!

We would love your dog to come on board with us for our daily walks! Whether it be down the beach or in a shady park, we guarantee your furry loved one will have a great time!

We offer both private and group dog walking, depending on your dog’s love of other four legged friends!

Prices start from just $25 per hour group session, either in the morning or afternoon.

They are picked up in our air conditioned van and dropped back home afterwards and are often out for longer than an hour due to travelling in between pick up’s & drop-off’s.

All our dog walking services include feeding & watering, administering medication, playtime/walking, cleaning up any little accidents and basic grooming where required.

Special care will be taken to ensure group walks are safe for all the dogs participating and that all vaccinations are up to date (C5 vaccination required).  The dogs will be friendly with one another and safety is of paramount importance at all times.  Paws & Claws will not walk aggressive dogs.  Please note that group dog walking sessions will be subject to availability because of location, the time requested and the compatibility of dogs.

We will only exercise your dog(s) off-lead with your permission and the ‘Off-lead disclaimer’ must be agreed to and signed.  Initially we like to build up a relationship with the dogs prior to letting them off-lead, it enables us to gain their trust and assess their recall skills.  The first time we test this will be in a fenced off park for their safety.Off-lead walks will only be carried out in a place which we consider safe to do so.

Maybe your dog is injured or too old for long walks in the park.  Paws & Claws can visit your dog in the comfort of their own home and give them some much needed company and fuss whilst you are at work.  These visits can be anywhere from 30 minutes upwards.

We are also available for house sitting for the duration of your holiday so your furry friend has much needed care around the clock.  We effectively move into your home and keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible.  This is a valuable service which enables your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home and receive one on one attention.   It also helps to keep your home secure in your absence.

We will text you updates of your dog as frequently as you wish and provide pictures of them to give you peace of mind that they feel just as loved and looked after without you there.  We pride ourselves on our level of service and every pet is treated as if it were our own.  Please get in contact if you have any questions or require more information on any of our services.wp-login