Cat Sitting


wp-loginAs a cat owner, you will know that they more often prefer to stay in their own familiar surroundings.

New places can be daunting and cause anxiety so using a pet sitter can be a welcome alternative to catteries.  It also allows you to keep your cat’s daily routine as normal as possible in your absence, whether it be keeping them in at night time or providing meals and /or medication at a specific time.

Our visits include the essential care needed to keep your kitty happy and stress-free in their own home. We will replenish fresh food and water, ensure the litter tray is clean, administer any required medications, brush your cat’s coat if desired and of course there will be plenty of affection and play time!  We take our time with our visits and make sure that all cats receive plenty of attention and fuss. 

You can opt for one or two visits per day, typically a morning and/or evening visit though we can fit in with your cat’s needs and routine.

We are happy to carry out light domestic duties for you too, like bringing the mail in, closing the curtains, taking bins out, turning lights on and off and watering any plants – it’s all part of the service.

We can also pop to the shops for you just prior to your return to ensure you have the essentials in the fridge like bread and milk.

We come round first to meet you and your cat(s) to discuss further and complete some necessary paperwork.  I will ask for veterinary details, registration &  microchip numbers so please have them ready if possible.   I will also take the key away with me so it’s good to have one cut/spare ready to hand over.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Tonkinese cat