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Top 5 ways to speak ‘Dog’…


The ways in which humans interact doesn’t necessarily work for dogs.

When we are affectionate towards another human, we hug and can even gaze into each other’s eyes, though both these actions can be interpreted as aggressive by a dog.

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Ditch the Stick!

It is an extremely common game played by dogs and their owners in parks all over the world, but vets warn that throwing sticks for your dog can cause horrific injuries and even kill them. Sticks can splinter in the mouth causing dogs to choke, bleed to death or develop a lethal infection.  They can also stab the back of the throat and injure the

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Grass for cats

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you may have noticed your feline friend nibbling on grass. While it might seem like strange behaviour, especially when your cat is sick afterwards, there’s really nothing to worry about. There is no evidence to suggest that grass is harmful to your cat, actually quite the opposite! Many experts believe munching on those long green blades

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Bloat in Dogs

Bloat occurs when a dog’s stomach fills with fluid or gas. This life-threatening condition known as GDV…

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My Story

Hi, my name is Fiona and I am the owner of Paws & Claws. I have had the pleasure of running my own pet sitting and dog walking business for over 8 years…

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If you have any questions regarding my service, please read these FAQ’s or ask me and I will be happy to respond…

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Area of coverage

Paws & Claws operates in the Bayside, Kingston & Casey suburbs within Melbourne. Services in surrounding suburbs may be possible, please call to enquire.

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